December 2017  
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Administrative Board Members

Administrative Board Members 2017

ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD shall have the congregational authority and responsibility to administer all church business and activities. The responsibilities of the board are summarized as follows: initiate planning, establish objectives, adopt goals, authorize action, determine policy, receive reports, evaluate the church’s ministries, maintain historical records, establish Bylaws and Policies, manage church’s finances, and work closely with the Lead Pastor to utilize his or her expertise in church administration and understanding of the Bible to develop a Christ centered, caring church that reaches out to the community.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is composed of the Moderator, Vice Moderator and Lead Pastor. Responsibilities include the hiring of staff, coordinate the work of the church’s evangelism; and provide orientation and training for new Board members.

The Rev. Gary Olsen, Pastor Belinda Dyer, Outreach
Wayne Gary, Moderator Judy Geddes, Parish Relations
Lisa Wolf, Vice Moderator Jamie Hart, Plans & Programs
June Roberts, Secretary  Ron Langan, Stewardship & Finance
Dave Boutelle, Building & Grounds  Richard Fuess, Treasurer & Financial Secretary
Tina Brown, Children's Ministry 
Judy Jenkins, Volunteer Resources
Bettina Smart, Congregational Care John Craddock, Worship
JoAnn Daughtery, Discipleship  
Julia Waldrop, Evangelism

Positions - Responsibility

LEAD PASTOR conceives, develops and plans programs for the church in support of the church’s consensus mission and goals; motivates, trains and guides the people of the church in their mission; and serves as the spiritual leader of the congregation.

MODERATOR presides at all stated and special called meetings of the Congregation and Administrative Board. He or she is the key link between the Congregation and the Board.

VICE MODERATOR serves to support the Moderator, preside in his or her absence at meetings of the Congregation and the Board.

SECRETARY has specific responsibilities to record minutes of both board and congregation meetings and coordinates the work of the church historian.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS MINISTRY plans and manages programs to upgrade and maintain church property and facilities including weekly janitorial services.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH MINISTRY has the primary function of designing, managing, and evaluating ministry with children and youth by the church.

CONGREGATIONAL CARE MINISTRY is responsible for the promotion of Christian fellowship within our church community; setting up visitation programs for our own members in case of illness, bereavement and home bound members; plan specific social programs and activities for the congregation; provides for special events such as retirements or introduction of new staff; provides for fellowship hour before and after worship; and plans programs to reach the Church’s own inactive members.

DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRY is responsible for designing, managing, and evaluating ministry that makes disciples of Jesus Christ; assuring that adults of all ages are provided with opportunities to study the Bible.

EVANGELISM MINISTRY primary objective is the planning and managing of an evangelistic program designed to reach people for Christ who are not members of any local church. Specific responsibilities include keeping records of visitors by mailing letters with welcome brochure to all first time visitors immediately then follow up with phone call, email or other appropriate media.

OUTREACH MINISTRY primary objective is discovering the concerns and needs of local, state, regional, national, and international communities and encourages members of the congregation to become involved in mission and service projects with these communities.

PARISH RELATIONS MINISTRY provides a conduit for discrete interchange of communications between congregation, staff and board, stressing the absolute necessity for confidentiality; and counsels with pastor and other staff about job descriptions, priorities, hopes, expec-tations, and grievances.

PLANS & PROGRAMS MINISTRY primary responsibility is the coordination of planning for the operation of the church; and solicits input from committee chairpersons to develop a consolidated annual plan and submits to the Board for approval.

STEWARDSHIP AND FINANCE MINISTRY is responsible for providing general economic management for the church; coordinates the planning and implementation of the annual stewardship program; develops an annual monetary budget and advises the Board on allo-cation of resources to fund church ministries and provide facilities; and arranges for an annual audit of the records of the church.

VOLUNTEER RESOURCES MINISTRY advises the Board regarding the selection of qualified volunteers for various tasks, including service on committees; and creates and maintains a data bank of skills, experience and interests within the congregation.

WORSHIP MINISTRY is responsible for the planning and administration of programs for worship, music, and other arts in cooperation with the pastor; and provides for acolytes, communion stewards, altar guild, lay liturgists, ushers, greeters, choir liaison, and flowers.