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Outreach ministries are responsible for serving those outside the doors of Rolling Hills Community Church.  In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded his disciples to “go make disciples of all nations”…..  As disciples, we do the work that Jesus did, feeding the hungry, seeking justice, and peace and helping the poor/needy. This is our charge.   The congregation of RHCC is a giving church and supports many benevolent activities.

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If you would like to make a contribution to any of the above organizations please make your check to RHCC and designate the organization the funds should be  sent to or use our "ONLINE GIVING" select "Mission" and type the organization's name.





Hunger is bigger than us, but it’s not bigger than God.  Jesus fed thousands of people. Imagine what he can do when we come together in his name to fight hunger.  There is enough food in the world. But there’s also injustice, because that food is not equally available, even when people work hard for it. The poor need an advocate someone who is willing to rise up, speak out, and serve the hungry. Together, our voices and actions can make a difference.

World Vision is helping the poor in the Horn of Africa. They need help. Our youth have become aware that this is the work of Jesus in the world today. They challenge us to partner with them in response to this severe disaster. Scripture clearly teaches us that those who are blessed are blessed to be blessings. Surely, true faith and thankfulness to God for his love and grace issues in compassion and service to those in need.

Click here to view Video by Joe Vandegriff




Outreach Christmas Market - Gifts that Keep on Giving!

Disciples of Christ from Rolling Hills Church work all year around for these projects to make a difference in our world.  We now pray for those projects, locally and globally, as they reach out in Christ’s name to share God's love in practical ways.

If you want more detailed information about the OCM, contact Belinda Dyer, Outreach Ministry Chair.



Church World Service was born in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II. A number of denominations came together to form an agency "to do in partnership what none of us could hope to do as well alone." The mission: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged, shelter the homeless and promote peace and justice around the world.

To better combat hunger a joint community hunger appeal called CROP was started in 1947.  To further this endeavor a multi-denominational program called One Great Hour of Sharing was formed.  Today CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty and is closely associated with community-wide interfaith CROP Hunger Walks.

In the '60s Church World Service began to augment its emergency assistance work with support for long-range, problem-solving efforts--what came to be known as development. In India, Church World Service helped countless villages construct reservoirs, dig wells, and lay irrigation systems.  More than 60 years later the mission remains, though where and how we accomplish it has changed dramatically.

To learn more about this program and its accomplishments click here.

If you would like to make a donation to Church World Services, please make your donation through Rolling Hills Community Church and designate the program "Church World Services" on your check.  You may use our "ONLINE DONATION" and select "Mission" and note Church World Services.  

To learn more about Crop Walk click here.


Since 2007, members of RHCC have answered the call to help with gifts of money , medical supplies, and school and office supplies for needy children and adults in Peru, Kenya, India, Russia, and Palestine. RHCC members have personally delivered these gifts and know firsthand that they were received by the intended recipients. All of these people have witnessed the fact that God cares for them. One laborer at a hospital in Kenya said that “no one had ever given him a gift before.”

Christ’ call for us to help the poor, release the captives, free the oppressed and heal the sick is our basic charge as Christians. The Palestinians are living under extreme oppression and need our prayers.




Knit A Square program was started in South Africa in 2008 to bring love and warmth to vulnerable and orphaned children living in dire poverty.  Children, as young as pre-teens, are the head of their household and are raising their siblings because of the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic.

It is estimated that there are 14.8 million orphans in sub-saharan Africa. 1.9 million live in South Africa.

Our group meets each Monday at 10AM in the Fellowship Hall.  We’re always happy for new “ knitwits” to join our group.  If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, we will teach you.  If you already know how to knit or crochet and are unable to attend the meetings, make the squares in your free time and drop them by the church office.  The squares should to be approximately 8” square with a 18” tail left.  The tools we generally use are a size J crochet needle or size 10 knitting needles and worsted weight 4-ply yarn.

The Rolling Hills Knit a Square (KAS) group began meeting on June 17, 2010.  In the video (link below), we’ve seen our squares being sewn into blankets, seen our hats and sweaters being worn by the children, and even seen the children wrapped in the blankets with smiles that make us know our time was well spent.

Video Knit-A-Square


Since June of 2010, we have shipped over 8000 squares to South Africa. We have also sent sweaters, hats, vests, baby cuddles, and other miscellaneous warm garments.

We invite you to help us with this global mission project.  Help send hope and warmth to orphans in South Africa. 

“May the one who receives these squares be cradled in hope, kept in joy, graced with peace, and wrapped in love.”  (from our Blessing of the Squares)

Visit the Knit a Square website at www.knit-a-square.com.   Contact Marietta Fuess for information on the RHCC program mmfuess@gmail.com.  We use monetary donations to pay postage and to purchase yarn.




In 2007, two RHCC members traveled to India at their own expense with Volunteers in Mission. Our church seeks to reach out to show that God continues to care by providing annual support through our Outreach Ministry.  Near Madurai, India Rev. David Gnaniah, son of a Methodist Pastor, oversees three small orphanages.  RHCC congregation contributed over $9,000 to be used to help complete construction of a new home for 43 young girls at one of these orphanages. In years past we have purchased ceiling fans for the building to alleviate the heat – which is typically above the 100 degrees F during May through September. 

David Gnaniah Royappa is the founder-director of the Philip and Timothy Stains Memorial Children’s Home in Madurai, South India, India. There are more than 100 children, ages 6 to 17, who have come to the orphanage from poor and rural South India. Two-thirds of the children have a Hindu background. They are provided food, shelter, education, vocational training and religious values. The Philip and Timothy Memorial Children’s Home is resourced in the U.S. by the United Methodist Church, Wisconsin Annual Conference Advance Special #7940. David is the brother of Wisconsin Conference District Superintendent Sam Royappa out of Sun Prairie.