Stephen Ministry


A Stephen Minister is a congregation member who is recruited, trained, commissioned, and supervised by Stephen Leaders. Stephen Ministers are lay caregivers who provide confidential one-on-one Christian care to those facing a crisis or life challenge. We help the pastors provide quality care for as long as people need it.  Care givers typically meet with their care receiver for about one hour each week. New Stephen Ministers receive an initial 50 hours of training followed by monthly supervision and continuing education sessions.

If you or someone you know needs a caregiver to help them through a crisis, contact the church office at 512-267-2942 or

If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, contact one of the Stephen Leaders for more information.

Rolling Hills Community Church Stephen Minister Leaders are:

Judy Geddes

Judy Walker

Marietta Fuess

At Rolling Hills Community Church, confidentiality means that any information shared in a pastoral ministry relationship is protected and is accessible only to those authorized to have access, such as the Pastor and pastor-designated representatives, and that these representatives will be trustworthy, careful, and discreet in handling that information.  It is our intent to maintain confidentiality in all pastoral ministry matters; however, we are required by law to report issues regarding: a potentially life-threatening situation; or a family-related abuse occurrence (minor or adult).”


For more information, please go to  Stephen Ministries.  Click here to preview a powerful video.