Community Food Pantry

Kathy Shoemake

We at Rolling Hills Community Church desire that no one in Lago Vista would go hungry!

The Community Food Pantry at RHCC has been available to all people in the Lago Vista, Point Venture, Jonestown, and surrounding areas for many years. We provide non-perishable food items to assist those in need. We typically provide one box of food per family per month. The recipients are also provided with a $20 gift card to Lowes Market to assist in purchase of perishable items or other necessities. Food can be obtained by walk-in requests to our church office (6201 Lohman Ford Road) during business hours (Tuesday & Thursday 10 am - 2 pm). We also deliver food to those with transportation challenges by calling the church office, 512-267-2942. Supplies in the food pantry are provided by church members, residents, and various organizations . Food and cash donations to the dedicated food pantry program are always welcome from anyone.

     Items in the food pantry (hint, hint, a shopping list!)

Food Pantry Goods
bag dry pinto beans can beef ravioli
can corn jar peanut butter
can green beans jar jelly
can fruit cocktail bag of rice
jar mild salsa box mac & cheese
jar spaghetti sauce box pancake mix
spaghetti noodles bottle of syrup
can tuna canister of oats
can chicken pack of ramen noodles
can cream of tomato soup box of cereal
can chicken noodle soup box graham crackers
can beef stew box saltines
can chicken & dumplings  

Food Pantry team prepares bags Tuesday mornings weekly.